Trinity's adult ministry provides opportunities for biblical teaching, fellowship, prayer and congregational worship.

Man in the Mirror Bible Study

The group, which meets on Friday mornings at 7:00 AM, in the fellowship hall, uses resources from Man in the Mirror Ministries that are written to minister specifically to men. Breakfast is served and there is usually a video followed by a time for discussion. The vision of Man in the Mirror Ministries is to "engage every man in America with a credible offer of Christ and with resources to grow."

You can find out more about this group by visiting here.

Trinity Ladies in Christ (TLC)

The TLC seeks to purposefully bring all ages together to share faith experiences, grow in our personal relationship with Jesus, enrich our spiritual understanding, extend the Gospel to community, and undergird the mission of the church. The mission of our women's ministry is to assume an intentional, proactive role in the work God plans to accomplish, and to provide opportunities to equip women to recognize and receive God’s grace and mercy, to experience His unfathomable love, and to discover His will for each of us. TLC conducts Bible studies, book studies and special interest studies; holds prayer groups; hosts socials, annual events, retreats and various other special events intended to nurture each individual in her spiritual walk. TLC sponsors and/or participates in mission activities and church events, assuming leadership roles, demonstrating discipleship, and encouraging others to find a place to serve.

The Women’s Missionary Union (WMU)

Trinity's long-standing Women's Missionary Union (or WMU) group complements our overall women's ministry efforts, forming the heart of Trinity's missions activities and education. The WMU encourages women to develop a missional lifestyle by learning about, supporting, praying for and engaging in missions.