Our Weekly Schedule


9:40 AM Sunday School
11:00 AM Morning Worship
6:00 PM Galatians Study
6:00 PM Linked in the Zone (Youth)


10:00 AM Intercessory Prayer Group


5:00 PM Handbell Rehearsal
5:30 PM Teach to Transform (Begins Sept 2)
5:45 PM Family Night Supper
6:30 PM Bible Study
6:30 PM Children’s Music & Missions
6:30 PM IGNITE in the Zone (Youth)
6:30 PM Trinity Choir Rehearsal


7:00 AM Man in the Mirror Bible Study (Begins Sept 4)


Trinity’s morning worship services are broadcast on WMTM 105.1 FM/AM 1300 during the months of January, March, May, July, September and November.

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